Atascadero, CA :: David & Megan // Engaged

From my earliest memories, David and I have been friends. We grew up in the same small town at the same small church and I know him to be a real, stand-up guy. From goofy kid to respectable adult, I’ve gotten to watch him grow into a man who loves God, his country and the ever-beautiful Miss Megan. These two were set up by a mutual friend and the match could not have been better. David’s in the Air Force and Megan’s finishing up nursing school before the two tie the knot. They love to stay fit, laugh, and (most of all) be with one another. They’ve endured long distance (she’s in California and he’s in North Dakota) and even longer distance (when he recently was deployed to the Middle East) and can’t wait to finally be able to live together as man and wife.
We got to run around the hometown and surrounding area for a few hours in early January (yes–it was nearly 70 degrees…) crossing from Atascadero to the backroads and into San Luis Obispo for a fun end in world-famous Bubblegum Alley.

Here’s to David & Megan–Sincere, Kind, Adorable and Excellent in all they do.

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One thought on “Atascadero, CA :: David & Megan // Engaged

  1. Lisa Wallace says:

    Melissa, you do wonderful work! You three really did cover a LOT of distance for this photo shoot. Lovely!
    Congrats, David and Megan!

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