Hamilton, MA :: Ruben & Sabrina // Engaged


These two German love birds and I crossed paths this fall. Recently engaged and adventuring together studying in the States for a few months, we snagged an afternoon and snapped a few photos. Ruben proposed to Sabrina on the beach where he told her that a pair of shoes is best when both do the work and asked if she’d be his other shoe. So adorable. So fun. Just like these two. With their happy spirits and lots of laughter, we made the most of the Fall light.
They make it a habit to do hand-stands all over the world during their travels, so naturally we had to make that happen. Here’s to the Happy Couple.

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One thought on “Hamilton, MA :: Ruben & Sabrina // Engaged

  1. Bjoern Wagner says:

    Thank you for these great shots of two lovely people I know for a decade!

    You are a fine photographer!


    Greetings from Germany!

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