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Ispwich, MA :: Jimmy & Emily

There is snow lightly falling as we brace for the winter. With the last few weeks of Autumn came a bunch of lovely little shoots, one of which was at Appleton Farms with Emily and her man, Jimmy. These two hail from the Lone Star State and bring some southern charm up to this New England cold.
We had a great time walking, talking and joking as we stood in fields and crossed train tracks and sat under the last leaves of fall. I’m so thankful for the way that they look at one another, laugh at one another and love one another. These two are too much.

DSC_2359 DSC_2367 DSC_2465 DSC_2487-2 DSC_2494-2 DSC_2500 DSC_2541 DSC_2551 DSC_2559 DSC_2565 DSC_2611 DSC_2629  DSC_2703

Seattle, WA :: The Jones Wedding [Films]


Julie sang the national anthem at her eighth grade graduation and I was impressed and I’ve been gaining more and more respect for her ever since. She is possibly the most honest soul I know and it has been a joy to have nearly a decade of friendship under our belt. She is a lover of Christ, community, rainy days, bike rides, hikes and the west coast in general in a way that isn’t trite.
She is brave. She took the great risk of leaving our little hometown for Seattle to attend undergrad and it was there that she met a shy boy named Michael, who was interested in her basically immediately. Their love story is all-together sweet, kind, trusting and truthful and I loved getting to fly to the West Coast to film their Big Day.
The scenery was ideal: the cabins in the woods of Kitsap Memorial State Park, the last bits of summer, the Sound, the big rustic reception hall complete with lightbulbs wrapped around wood beams, and just about every little detail in between. I’ve been daydreaming about how perfect it was and remarked to her at one point, “I think I’ll just go to the courthouse if I ever get married, because you just threw the perfect wedding.”
Here’s to Seattle, music, dancing, Blue Moon, Beyonce, white dresses, flowers, pipe tobacco and–always–love.



Manchester-By-The-Sea, MA :: Katie & Nick

Katie might just be the sweetest ray of California sunshine that the salty shore of New England every did see. She and her hubby Nick moved back to the golden state after a few years of education out here on the North Shore, but before they left they wanted to capture some moments in the beauty that is summertime in Massachusetts. From running around in the woods to bravely hopping into a little skiff, they were nothing but a delight. Here’s to new chapters, warmer days and–of course–love.

DSC_6680 DSC_6713 DSC_6730 DSC_6757-2 DSC_6786 DSC_6834 DSC_6894 DSC_6931 DSC_6933 DSC_6999 DSC_7037

Karlsruhe, Germany :: Sabrina & Ruben

The pretzel. The beer. The wedding. The dancing. The castles.
I do a lot of traveling for this wonderful job of mine, but what may have been the best location this summer was Germany. You may remember Sabrina & Ruben from last year when we did an engagement session here in Massachusetts while they were studying abroad. I’ve never known a couple so full of JOY and laughter and it was such an amazing weekend hanging out with these two lovebirds. One look at their families and I could see just where they get their zeal for life.
This wedding was the church wedding (in Germany you have two: State and Church) and the afterparty was not to be missed. We heard speeches, saw skits, heard songs and watched home movies until the dancing started around midnight. I called it a night (thanks to jetlag) around 3a.m. but the dance floor was still going strong.
At one point, someone asked me, “Is this what American weddings are like?”
“Not exactly. We’d all go home around nine or ten.”
“In the morning??”
“No…at night.”
“The next night?”
“No…the same one.”
I’ll forever be grateful for the hospitality, liveliness, patience and amazing ability that all Germans have to know more lyrics to Backstreet Boys than I do. DSC_1185 DSC_1186 DSC_1191 DSC_1200 DSC_1209 DSC_1213 DSC_1232 DSC_1234 DSC_1235 DSC_1254 DSC_1258 DSC_1270 DSC_1286 DSC_1291 DSC_1300 DSC_1358 DSC_1415 DSC_1480 DSC_1526 DSC_1573 DSC_1615 DSC_1744 DSC_1766 DSC_1770 DSC_1819 DSC_1876 DSC_1899 DSC_1918 DSC_1946 DSC_1961 DSC_1987 DSC_2028 DSC_2048 DSC_2084 DSC_2132 DSC_2158 DSC_2183 DSC_2220 DSC_2239 DSC_2303 DSC_2343 DSC_2375 DSC_2380 DSC_2418 DSC_2435 DSC_2447 DSC_2532 DSC_2549 DSC_2603 DSC_2617 DSC_2771 DSC_2804 DSC_2847 DSC_2946 DSC_2976 DSC_3000 DSC_3020 DSC_3030 DSC_3042 DSC_3052 DSC_3118 DSC_3149 DSC_3169 DSC_3212 DSC_3290 DSC_3319 DSC_3330 DSC_3334 DSC_3352 DSC_3403 DSC_3435 DSC_3493 DSC_3505 DSC_3512 DSC_3525 DSC_3561 DSC_3649 DSC_3754 DSC_3765 DSC_3775 DSC_3792 DSC_3893 DSC_3942 DSC_3946 DSC_3976 DSC_3998 DSC_4062 DSC_4129 DSC_4143 DSC_4165 DSC_4189 DSC_4225 DSC_4269 DSC_4278 DSC_4314

Reedly, CA :: The Foddrill Family

There is something so sacred about a family’s first week together. My sister was Due on October 19th, so I flew to California to be there for the birth of my second niece 6 days early. Of course, this little babe couldn’t wait to meet us, so 30 minutes before my plane landed at LAX, she was born. I heard her crying over the phone while we waited for an open gate and I started to weep on the plane like a big dumb idiot, but I didn’t care because Miss Constance Grace was only a few hours of travel away from my arms.
We spent the rest of the week recovering and it was something tiring but sweet. My first niece, Emma Jaine, JUST turned three and she was ALL ABOUT being a big sister. I loved how eager she was to hold that little sister of hers and she was so proud as she announced every day that we were going to teach Constance to walk.
There was some explaining on our part that Constance wasn’t all about walking her first week. But when she’s big enough, Emma will be ready and willing to show her the ins and outs of it all.
My sister is one of the bravest women I know and she took labor like a champ and, though exhausted and sore for days after, made it a point to still pull Emma up on to her lap and sing her to sleep at night. My brother-in-law Rick still would chase Emma around and make meals and I’m so thankful for the father he is to these (two!) little gems.
Here are a few of my favorites from six days of cuddly, exciting, exhausting family time with four of my favorites.
Welcome to the world, Constance Grace. It’s a crazy place but we’re here to party.
DSC_6428 DSC_6477 DSC_6493 DSC_6497 DSC_7081-2 DSC_7117 DSC_7125 DSC_7131-2 DSC_7141 DSC_7179 DSC_7234 DSC_7252 DSC_7277 DSC_7302 DSC_7338 DSC_7470 DSC_7499 DSC_7512 DSC_6506

Ipswich, MA :: Sam & McCall

There is joy in the hearts of these two lovebirds.
Sam & McCall have an international love story and now a few years into marriage, they have moved to the North Shore to study and to rest. We ventured out to Appleton Farms to capture some of the fall colors and it was just about as fun as it looks. They can often be spotted taking long walks at dusk, so this shoot was in their element as we wandered through woods and fields.  I’m so grateful for two people who love so fully, flirt so unabashedly and laugh so whole-heartedly. Here’s to fall, farms and friendship.

DSC_5619 DSC_5637 DSC_5661 DSC_5675 DSC_5728 DSC_5764 DSC_5775 DSC_5808 DSC_5860 DSC_5907 DSC_5923 DSC_5975 DSC_5994 DSC_6011 DSC_6027 DSC_6060

Rowley, MA :: Nathaniel & Audrey

These two dear friends are a delight. We met a few months before they left the area, but on a visit back here for graduation, we escaped the chaos and went out into the beautiful New England flats to take a few photos. Still pretty new to marriage, these two are a constant picture to me of relentless love, honesty and grace. DSC_0086-2 DSC_0105 DSC_0110 DSC_0143 DSC_0174-2 DSC_0189 DSC_0254 DSC_0291 DSC_0096-2 DSC_0119 DSC_0139 DSC_0151-2 DSC_0221

Beverly, MA :: Nathan & Sarah // Newlyweds Shoot

Rain fell on the morning Nathan & Sarah said “I do.”
And it fell all day and into the evening, as well. It was a romantic, albeit wet, afternoon in which they gathered with dear friends and family under a big white tent and exchanged vows. 7 days later, they came home from their trip to Mexico for their honeymoon and the weather was on our side for a little Newlyweds Shoot. Sarah put on the dress and Nathan wore his suit and we went to snap a few images back at the (incredible) venue.

I can’t wait to share the whole BIG day soon, but for now, here are the images of a stunning, one-week-old marriage. I hope you love it as much as I do.

DSC_4815 DSC_4704 DSC_4774 DSC_4832 DSC_4834 DSC_4884 DSC_4940 DSC_4960 DSC_4997 DSC_5015 DSC_5041 DSC_5103 DSC_5153 DSC_5179 DSC_5217 DSC_5301 DSC_5338 DSC_5351 DSC_5374 DSC_5400

Haverhill, MA :: Adam & Polly

Adam & Polly’s wedding day was something out of a fairytale. No really. A castle was involved.
From the little details to the BIG moments and everywhere in between, I loved photographing this wedding. Adam’s sense of humor and Polly’s Brazilian zeal for life made this day one to remember.
This day was a long time in the making and I’ve been privileged to be there from the second she said, “Yes” to the moment that they said, “I do.” What a journey it’s been!
Many Mazels to Mr. & Mrs. Woods!


DSC_2912 DSC_2940-2 DSC_2964-2 DSC_2980 DSC_3011 DSC_3147 DSC_3171-2 DSC_3186 DSC_3236-2 DSC_3247 DSC_3283 DSC_3316 DSC_3339 DSC_3352 DSC_3372 DSC_3402 DSC_3446 DSC_3481 DSC_3553 DSC_3572 DSC_3576 DSC_3585 DSC_3607 DSC_3620 DSC_3639 DSC_3687 DSC_3765 DSC_3712 DSC_3745 DSC_3775 DSC_3787 DSC_3945 DSC_3964 DSC_3984-2 DSC_4030 DSC_4117 DSC_4160 DSC_4174 DSC_0051 DSC_4220 DSC_4249 DSC_4355 DSC_4365 DSC_4383 DSC_4392 DSC_4412-2 DSC_4487 DSC_4523 DSC_4555 DSC_4562 DSC_4595 DSC_4605 DSC_4614 DSC_4666  DSC_4689DSC_4694-2

Topsfield, MA :: Anna & David

Words cannot express the power of the friendship that exists in these photos. Couples that I encounter are joyful and are in love, to be sure, but the absolute delight that these two find in one another is contagious. Something about how David looks at Anna and she cracks that dimpled smile and the sky turns to dusk and the trails we follow lead us until we’re lost. Something about how we laughed and walked and shared in the joy of one last adventure before they crossed the ocean. Something about how summer is fading into Fall and these two are on another continent makes me full.

Here’s to love, one year of marriage, and the fact that these two gems don’t just exist–they radiate.

DSC_6142 DSC_6153 DSC_6175 DSC_6225 DSC_6253-2 DSC_6256 DSC_6275 DSC_6295 DSC_6300-2 DSC_6326 DSC_6332 DSC_6388 DSC_6390 DSC_6419 DSC_6452 DSC_6476 DSC_6485-2 DSC_6558 DSC_6568-2 DSC_6604

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