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Haverhill, MA :: Adam & Polly

Adam & Polly’s wedding day was something out of a fairytale. No really. A castle was involved.
From the little details to the BIG moments and everywhere in between, I loved photographing this wedding. Adam’s sense of humor and Polly’s Brazilian zeal for life made this day one to remember.
This day was a long time in the making and I’ve been privileged to be there from the second she said, “Yes” to the moment that they said, “I do.” What a journey it’s been!
Many Mazels to Mr. & Mrs. Woods!


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Topsfield, MA :: Anna & David

Words cannot express the power of the friendship that exists in these photos. Couples that I encounter are joyful and are in love, to be sure, but the absolute delight that these two find in one another is contagious. Something about how David looks at Anna and she cracks that dimpled smile and the sky turns to dusk and the trails we follow lead us until we’re lost. Something about how we laughed and walked and shared in the joy of one last adventure before they crossed the ocean. Something about how summer is fading into Fall and these two are on another continent makes me full.

Here’s to love, one year of marriage, and the fact that these two gems don’t just exist–they radiate.

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Manchester By-The-Sea, MA :: Josh & Tara (Are Expecting!)

These two are expecting their first little girl just about any minute now, and so I figured I’d share photos with you from our Maternity Session not long ago. Tara and Josh have become some of my dearest friends and I’m so thankful to know them well enough to capture who they are. Ever-loving, playful and always laughing, I know that they are going to be phenomenal parents to this sweet little lady.

Josh and Tara, ladies and gents.

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Hamilton, MA :: The May Family

Amanda and Colby have been raising boys that pay attention.
A few months ago, I was watching Carter and Coen for the afternoon and we started talking about love.
“Do you think your mom loves your dad?” I asked.
“Yeah.” said Coen, “You can see it in the corner of her eyes.”
These friends have become a part of my world in big ways the past 10 months. When I wrote a post about the women that I surround myself with, Amanda showed up at my door and walked down the hallway with me, holding my hand. We sat together and felt the weight of her family moving and we laughed and we cried. It had been the elephant in the room for weeks, and when we finally got to talking about the fact that she and her man and her two little men were heading back home to Texas, I started to get excited about this shoot. We ran around in the middle of meticulously packing their apartment and carved out an hour to take some photos at the place where the boys had grown up tall and smart and strong.
This family is a joy and when they rolled out to the Lone Star State, it took us a few weeks to recover. Good thing I got to spend time putting these pictures together and I’m so happy for how they capture the way this family really is. Boys full of silliness. Parents full of love.
A family that lives hard and plays harder.

I just love them.

Even in the corner of my eyes.

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Michigan City, IN :: Bryan & Rebecca

Bryan and Rebecca are two of a kind. They are armed with quirky senses of humor, endless wonder and effortless laughter (not to mention some bright minds.) This man loves this woman so much that when she walked down the aisle we were all moved by his display of emotion. Lovers of Jesus, family and friends, they gathered together with loved ones under the trees and exchanged vows.
Congratulations to the happy couple; you two are priceless. Especially on the dance floor.

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Newport Center, VT :: Andrew & Valerie // Reception

Andrew & Valerie fell in love and threw a party. So excited to share this Reception Film with you!

Andrew & Valerie // Reception from Melissa Zaldivar on Vimeo.

Bluffton, OH :: Jon & Julie



If there is one word I can use to describe Julie, it’s constant. We met back in 2008 when she was a senior and I was a freshman in college and by God’s grace we have stayed in touch. We haven’t communicated much, but we have communicated honestly, which is something I deeply love about this friend. She is kind and a little quiet and powerfully consistent and when she met Jon, I knew that he had to be a man of some SERIOUS character.
I was not let down.
Jon understands who Julie is and he delights in her in a deep way. When she looks at him, I just come undone. They are all those things that a photographer loves: affectionate, fun, honest, excited.
They met when working at a boarding school in Germany, and even some of their students flew across the globe to join in on the Big Day. On a beautiful, clear Ohio afternoon, Jon and Julie said “I do” in front of family and friends. It was a reunion of all those who love and support this couple from childhood, college and beyond. I cannot express how alive this weekend made me and how overjoyed I am for this beautiful couple.

Many, Many Mazels.

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Bluffton, OH :: The Salsbury’s

It was dusk in Ohio and the big, white, barn was the setting that I’ve been dreaming about. After shooting a friend’s wedding (more to come on that!) I was able to do a quick maternity shoot for the sister-of-the-Bride and her hubby. Amanda and I met a few summers ago, working at Springhill Camp up in Michigan. She’s the quintessential camp gal from her down-to-earth style to her love of being outside. Expecting their first little one SUPER soon, she and Brandon had a great sense of humor and playfulness that I adore. We had a wonderful time snapping some photos, even when a cat got a LITTLE territorial and steered us away from the barn.
They even brought Buckeye, their trusty pup, along for the shoot; a fun element to add to the mix.
Can’t wait to see images of that sweet new baby, and can’t wait to cross paths with Amanda and Brandon (and Buckeye!) soon.

DSC_4291 DSC_4323 DSC_4451 DSC_4525 DSC_4551 DSC_4567 DSC_4589 DSC_4628 DSC_4667 DSC_4687

Newport, VT :: Andrew & Valerie // The Ceremony

It was Memorial Day weekend and I made the trip up to Vermont to capture the BIG day for these two love-birds. Set in the beautiful mountains of New England’s farmlands, this wedding had all the elements of a summer wedding. The barns, the trees, the fields, the mountain range in the background. I could have spent forever loving the beauty of it all. These college-sweethearts are just that: sweet. Here is the first film for them: The Ceremony.

Portland, ME :: Andrew & Rebecca

Ah, Spring in New England. The sun is out and the birds and singing and there’s still some snow on the ground. I ventured just up the coast to a beautiful little place called Portland, Maine. Andrew and Rebecca said their “I do’s” in front of a few friends and family with a great deal of Joy and it was so much fun to capture. From braving cold temperatures to the first time Andrew saw his bride, it was a sweet day full of so much Gratitude.

Here’s to the Happy Couple!

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